Cosmetic Surgery - An Introduction

When seeking a breast surgeon, what attributes matter most to you?

A strong background in education and training? The ability to listen and give guidance based on experience, expertise and common sense? Beautiful long-term results with a strong emphasis on safety? Hopefully all of the above and more! Surgery is a big decision and because Dr Simon Weight's practice focuses on breast surgery he will bring his distinctive expertise to address your needs and concerns. He wants to meet you, learn about your goals, share his ideas and help you make the choices that are right for you. His skills in communicating with his patients and understanding their needs drive the growth of his practice, which has largely been by word of mouth. He will listen to your priorities and make certain that you understand the choices available to you and ensure you have all the time you require to feel completely at ease throughout your consultation. Dr Weight takes time to build a rapport with his patients seeing each one as an individual with specific needs to be met. To combine artistry with medicine, fine details with the big picture, instant gratification with lasting change is both a challenge and a privilege.

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